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    Are there deadbolts on all doors?


    Are there circuit breakers?


    Is the electrical updated?


    Is the heating / air conditioning thermostatically controlled?


    Is the heating / air conditioning central?


    Has the plumbing been updated?



    If yes, what year was the plumbing updated?

    Does the building have interior automatic fire sprinklers?


    Is there a theft alarm?


    Is there a fire alarm?


    Is the parking lot under your protection?


    Miscellaneous and Claims Information

    Were there any losses or claims in the last 5 years?



    If yes, what is the date, amount paid and description of each loss or claim?

    Current Insurance Company

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    What is the renewal date?

    Has insurance ever been cancelled?



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    Have you ever had regulatory violations or citations?



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    Are employees trained on how to handle minors or intoxicated customers?



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